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It is also available to purchase. If you purchase the book directly from me then I will donate a portion to the Spinal Cord Injury charity that I support. You will also will save $7.50 shipipng charge that my publisher charges since they use only fedex and UPS to deliver the book. I also have the option of processing credit cards through Email me directly for more information:

After you preview book, feel free to log on to where I am selling my original oil paintings, tote bags and jewelry line. Just type in and type my name in search field or copy or click on link at top of page to Etsy page.

I also started another website called which will be an online eCommerce MArketplace for the Culinary Enthusiast. Employers will also be able to post jobs on the job board.  

Welcome to my website. I am using this website to post my original oil paintings, books that I self publish, culinary creations I have baked as a professionally trained Pastry Chef (Le Cordon Bleu graduate 12/2011) and products I design using the images of my oil paintings such as tote bags, magnets etc... I am also creating individually, custom gift baskets of the products I create.

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The Book Series
I write books that have a social change and humanitarian theme.
All of my books have a Chef as a central character.
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Here are the latest books and summary of each.

Now Available!
 Toler The Ant
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery 

"Toler the ant"
a Children's book series about Tolerance
there will be 10 books in this series
published September 2012

Take out the word "the" and the title defines the story content "Tolerant"
The book follows a young Pastry Chef Ant who is faced with several issues and sees how other classmates view disabilities and he is determined to do something to change their attitude and create a more tolerant life for himself and others.

"The Adventures of chef bluebird"
a Children's book about homelessness
published 2011
The Adventures of Chef Bluebird is about a young Pastry Chef bird who has a friend who is homeless and he creates a bakesale
to help his friend overcome his homelessnes.

"The new majordomo"
book about volunteerism
published September 2011

This book has been approved by the Apple
Book Review Board for sale on ITunes
The book encouraged volunteerism in the role as a senior adminstrative support professional supporting C-Level executives. The term "Majordomo" is spanish for "Head of Household". The book encourages "lead by example" to have others follow the readers interest and desires to be a volunteer and help others.

"Ebook Apocalypse"
published 2011
The "ebook apocalypse" is about China's influence and dominance in providing "raw materials" that are needed and required to make ebooks. The story follows a young boy who is orphaned in China as a young adult and becomes a hero to save our intellectual property. The story crosspollinate across several themes and interests and touches on the Human Rights issues currently existing in China.



The New England Tourist Blog
Click on link above to get news, maps, directions, ideas of "things to do" while in New England
Day trips to NYC, Berkshires, Downtown Boston and so much more...


Featuring Original Text and Artwork

Helping to teach children to help other homeless children!!!
The book is about a bird who is a pastry chef who has a friend who is homeless and lives in a car.
The chef bird has a bakesale to help out his friend and overcome his homelessness.

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Postage Stamps

I am offering limited edition of 10 sheets per image of the stamps which can be found at the link above. Log onto the zazzle link to view the stamp images. Email me your preference and I will sign the sheet of 20 stamps, frame them and send them to you. I am limiting the series of each signed stamp sheet to 10 for each image. The sheets will be numbered 1 of 10 etc..  The cost is $100 total (shipping is free).
You can purchase the limited edition stamp sheet at the paypal button.















































































































































































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